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A Million Dollar Cleaning Business On Less than 5 Hours Per Week…

This photo was taken in 2021; two years after starting my commercial cleaning company from scratch. We were on vacation and this was the first time that it hit me…I didn’t have to do anything! 

The truth is, this wasn’t my first time as a business owner. Maybe you can relate? My past companies had floundered, had some slim success, but not enough to get my wife out of her job. One of them was even a cleaning business! It was a constant grind, and I still was not able to make ends meet.

Then, in 2019, everything changed. When I started the cleaning company we now own, I did things completely different. Within 12 months we were doing over $46,000 per month in recurring revenue. And it was profitable revenue. After paying for supplies and cleaners we still kept over $25,000 in that month! Everything changed.

The neat thing was, because I was doing things a different way, I wasn’t having to work full time. It was so strange. Before all of this, I was overworked and underpaid. Now, I was “underworked” and “overpaid”


THAT Is What I Help You Do

Become A Commercial Cleaning CEO

Commercial Cleaning CEO is a movement for all cleaning business owners who are tired of the slow grind and trying to grow their cleaning companies the old way.

There is a way to build your business and become a true CEO, with a team that completely runs your company for you. And this can be done without sacrificing future growth!

From our free content and free tools, to our programs and accelerators, everything we do is centered around growing your cleaning business the modern way. 

If you want to become an official Commercial Cleaning CEO with a million dollar cleaning business, you’re in the right place. You’ll see how, even from our free stuff. So check it out and me know if you have any questions!

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