How To Get BIG Cleaning Contracts | VIDEO

How To Get Big Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Are you tired of getting small cleaning jobs and ready to take your cleaning business to the next level? The fastest way to build a BIG cleaning business is to get BIG cleaning contracts. It may sound scary, and it may look intimidating, but I promise you that it’s not as bad as it seems.

Targeting big contracts will force you to build your business better, correct any internal issues, and possibly add needed processes that will make your cleaning company more valuable.

The neat thing is that it doesn’t take much to get big cleaning contracts. It’s very similar to winning smaller accounts except that these bigger companies may have some extra paperwork and procedures to walk through.

In this video, I show you how to find and get BIG cleaning contracts. Your competition doesn’t want you there, so they don’t talk about how to get in. That’s why I made this video for you, so that you can finally know how to get the opportunity to change your cleaning business forever.

Watch and go get BIG cleaning contracts!

Should You Get BIG Cleaning Contracts?

I’ve heard several cleaning company owners say “I’d rather lose a small customer than a big one, and that’s why I don’t want big cleaning clients.”

Personally, I think this is a limiting mindset. They’re making several false assumptions when they say this.

Here are several:

  1. I will always have more smaller customers than big customers
  2. Big cleaning contracts are harder to keep
  3. Losing a big customer will put them out of business

All of these assumptions are not true alone. What’s keeping you from having tons of $100,000/year customers? Why would big contracts get rid of you if they’re happy with you, you’re fairly priced, and are doing a good job? What’s causing your business to close down if you do lose a big customer?

None of those assumptions have to be true, they’re only true if you’re unwise about how you run your business and use your profits.

So, to answer the question of “should you get big cleaning contracts”; yes, yes you should! And get as many of them as you can.

Start Growing Your Cleaning Company TODAY!

This video gives you everything you need to get BIG cleaning contracts. Don’t forget to use the free resources here on the site to help you win more cleaning clients and grow your business!

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