How To Get Cleaning Clients Using CTA Targeting | VIDEO

Get Cleaning Clients by targeting the right call to action

There are a lot of ways talked about to get cleaning clients with regards to marketing strategies and sales tactics, but there’s not much information out there about how to actually walk your cleaning prospect towards the goal of becoming a client.

The number one mistake I see many commercial cleaning company owners make is that they try to push prospects into a walkthrough, proposal, or commercial cleaning contract too soon. It’s almost like trying to ask someone to marry you before even going on a date!

If you pop the right question, at the wrong time, you could be looking at ruining trust and miss out on your chance to win the cleaning client. However, if you know exactly what the next step in the relationship is and you target that, it will feel natural to your prospects and you’ll find yourself winning more cleaning clients.

This is called CTA Targeting. CTA Stands for “Call To Action”. A call-to-action is directing their behavior towards a specific action or goal. It’s our job as business owners to win cleaning clients and a way that feels natural to them and isn’t overreaching.

The steps in the video are not sales tactics and can be done by anyone without sales training. All you need to do is focus on moving your prospects to the next step until, at last, you win their business!

In this video you’ll learn 5 Target CTAs that lead you up that moment of winning the contracts. Give it a watch, take some notes, and prepare yourself to close more deals and grow your cleaning company faster!

Watch to win more commercial cleaning customers!

Get Cleaning Clients!

This video gives you everything you need to get cleaning clients to the finish line. Don’t forget to use the free resources here on the site to help you win more commercial cleaning clients and grow your cleaning business! I used these same tools to grow my cleaning company too.

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