How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts WITHOUT Cold Calling | VIDEO

Learned how to get commercial cleaning contracts without cold calling and is excited

The Dilemma

Let’s admit it. Most of us are afraid to call strangers on the phone. The phrase “cold calling” sends chills down our back because we don’t want to be that same spam we get on our very own phones all week. But we’re told by cleaning coaches and programs that it’s the “secret to success”; that this is the only real way to get commercial cleaning contracts.

We hear things like: “Cold calling is what you have to do, or your cleaning business will fail”, “If you’re not cold calling, you won’t get many more customers”, and so on.

So it seems like we’re stuck, hopelessly doomed to be enslaved to one fear or the other.

“Do I hate my day so that my business will grow?”


“Do I avoid cold calling and deal with a struggling business?”

10 Other Ways To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts

The truth is, getting commercial cleaning contracts for your cleaning business is not a “call or die” situation. You don’t have to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully, the world of entrepreneurship gives room for unlimited creativity and innovation.

In this video, I give you 10 ways that I’ve successfully used to win more cleaning contracts and grow my cleaning company. And to tell you the truth, I’ve only tried cold calling once, and I never personally did it again…


You don’t have to wonder anymore about how to get commercial cleaning contracts to grow your cleaning business without cold calling. Watch the video to see for yourself!

I’ll Drop The First Tip Real Quick…

#1 The Survey Hack

The first tip on how to get commercial cleaning contracts is, a market survey that’s warmed up with cookies!

This may sound like door-knocking, but trust me, it’s not. I walked into offices with a plate of cookies and offered them to the staff for just 5 minutes with their manager. Those staff got me exactly who I needed to talk to. Watch the video to learn the rest!

More On How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts…

And there are FAR more than just that! Growing your cleaning business doesn’t have to be a dread. It can be fun, adventurous, and exciting. Here at CommercialCleaningCEO.com, we’re all about helping you do just that!

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