How To Start A Cleaning Business | VIDEO

Start A Cleaning Business Today!

Are you ready to become your own boss and start your cleaning business? Fantastic! I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be complicated. In this video you’ll see exactly what to do and in what order so that you can get your new cleaning business off to a strong start.

The wonderful thing about starting a cleaning company is that the service itself is very simple to provide once you have your first customer. You don’t need large expensive equipment, or expensive employees to do the work.

The steps in the video can be done within a week, which means you can start earning a profit from your new cleaning business FAST.

Obviously, I’m partial towards starting a commercial cleaning company. I’ve personally owned both residential and commercial, and found commercial cleaning to be my favorite. Regardless of which you choose to focus on, this cleaning business startup process will work for both types.

Watch and start your cleaning business!

Start Your Cleaning Business Today!

If you’re serious about starting a cleaning company, Do. Not. Wait.


Cleaning clients take time to win, and some large commercial customers can take months after a quote in order to move forward.

Start that timer NOW.

Put time on your side.

After starting your cleaning business, you’ll feel a sense of excitement that can make you bold. Use this new energy to do the marketing methods I teach and build momentum for your new cleaning company.

This momentum will build and build until you get your first cleaning client, and then your second, third, and so on. The more you grow, the faster you can continue to grow.

This is why, if you think you want to start a cleaning business in the future, to go ahead and get the foundation laid today.

Watch & Learn!

This video gives you everything you need to get your cleaning company off the ground. Don’t forget to use the free resources here on the site to help you win more cleaning clients and grow your cleaning business!

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