Commercial Cleaning Walkthrough Guide | VIDEO

The commercial cleaning walkthrough is often the first time a potential client can make a real judgement of whether they want to use your cleaning service or not. Price is certainly important, service and scope are also important, but how well you run the walkthrough carries an immense weight on how excited, or neutral, they feel about your company.

If you want cleaning clients to toss price aside, and choose your company over the competition, even though you may charge higher prices, then watch this video with some tips from how we do our commercial cleaning walkthroughs.

I’ve had multiple customers tell me that they want to use us, instead of the competition, regardless of price. And for those customers that did think we were too expensive, they didn’t ghost us or choose someone else. They actually asked to negotiate and find a solution together.

THAT is what your commercial cleaning walkthrough should do. It should build excitement for your solution and start a cooperative approach to finding a cleaning solution for their facility.

It’s not as simple as just showing up, taking some notes, and getting some measurements. You need to be intentional with your approach in order to give yourself the best chance at winning the contract. Let your competition do it the normal way, and you stand out instead!

Watch the video to get everything you need to run your next commercial cleaning walkthrough like a true professional. Don’t leave your business growth to chance. Now you can take control and grow your cleaning business faster!

Commercial Cleaning Walkthrough Checklist

Here is what we call our Winning Walkthrough Checklist that you can actually download and use to help you win more clients from any of your commercial cleaning walkthroughs.

I’ve used this checklist for years and it has helped me properly evaluate and store the client details that we needed to make good pricing decisions, but most of all, it has helped us get customers excited to use our company’s cleaning services.

Of course, there are more things you can do to further improve this process, but this video and checklist will put you ahead of 95% of your competition or more.

Watch, download, WIN!

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